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COCOON aims to improve healthcare by reducing medical errors and helping diagnostic and therapeutic risk management.The project is developing a semantic-based healthcare information infrastructure capable of integrating medical information and eHealth services.

A national health information infrastructure is needed to provide immediate access to complete patient information and decision support tools for healthcare professionals to design even safer healthcare delivery systems. Better management of health information is a prerequisite to improving patient safety and care standards. This is the basis of the research to be carried out by the COCOON system.

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Project co-ordinator:
MIP - Consorzio dell'innovazione nella gestione delle imprese e della Pubblica Amministrazione


  • Cefriel (IT)
  • Telecom Italia (IT)
  • Siemens Informatica (IT)
  • Microsoft (DE)
  • European Dynamics (GR)
  • Logicom (CY)
  • Patmos (IT)
  • GL2006 Europe (UK)
  • L&C (BE)
  • Technion University (ISR)
  • Universitad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)
  • Fondazione IARD (IT)
  • Italian National Transplant Network (IT)
  • Lombardy Region (IT)
  • Aquitaine Europe Communication (FR)
  • The Regional Health System Of Epirus (GR)
  • European Medical Association (INT)
  • Asociation Regionale Europeenne Sur La Societe De L'information (BE)
  • Infermed (UK)
  • Centre D'informatique Region Bruxelloixe (BE)
  • Spirit S.A.E-Business Andcommunications Engineering (GR)
  • Ids Scheer Cr s.r.o. (CZ)

Timetable: from 01/04 - to 04/07

Total cost: € 10.402.274

EC funding: € 5.995.615

Instrument: IP

Project Identifier: IST-2002-507126

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