Trustworthy Handwritten Signatures

SOFTPROSOFTPRO and selected partners are introducing a new product for protecting doctors and hospitals from unnecessary costs while streamlining hospital operations: Electronic Patient Information Documentation using a tablet PC and secured with biometric handwritten signatures.

The signature is the most popular and trusted biometric feature for authentication as it is never given accidentally. It actively proves the signer's intent, which is significantly different from the use of passive biometrics - body characteristics such as finger, hand, face or iris.

However, most of the devices commonly in use today do not yet support the capturing of signatures in a way that is strong enough to guarantee non-repudiation. This kind of hardware, and software generally captures an image (only) of the signature which may be easily copied and re-used. For those seeking to integrate reliable means to prove intent and authenticity in electronic processes, the specialist for signature verification, SOFTPRO, offers a wide range of products that add trustworthiness to handwritten signatures.

SOFTPRO has packaged two popular product lines using signature recognition:

  • SignDoc securely embeds a handwritten signature into a document which is compliant to the various esign laws and is available for various document formats.
  • SignSecure allows to log on to a PC or a network with the handwritten signature.

Both of these products are based on the Software Development Kit SignWare – which is available to all those who seek to integrate reliable means to proof the expression of an intent and authenticity in their electronic processes with handwritten signatures.

SOFTPRO’s award winning products for signature recognition were voted as best Biometrics Application worldwide for the Tablet PC in a Microsoft competition. The international developer contest - titled "Does Your Application Think in Ink?" - attracted 260 global submissions from independent software vendors. The products also won Microsoft's national "Tablet PC Challenge" in Germany.

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