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Active and Healthy Ageing - For You & with You

Active and Healthy Ageing - For You & with You
Europe is ageing and that comes with challenges, both social and economic. The number of people aged 65+ in Europe will almost double, from 85 to 151 million in 2060. Living longer is great, but it is also a formidable challenge for both public and private budgets, for public services and for older people and their families. New approaches and solutions are needed urgently and you should be aware of them. Start today with 'Active and Healthy Ageing' and care for your health. The EU is working on new solutions for the problems that demographic ageing brings. There are too few people to care for the many elderly people. Exploding budgets for health and social care. Ever more people having to live with chronic conditions, functional limitations and disabilities, which can lead to loneliness and depression. It is not easy to tackle the ageing challenge, but it can be done. It can even become an opportunity for better quality of life, for more sustainable health and social care, and for innovation and economic growth.

Smart innovation with ICT technology definitely helps. It helps care for your health and live actively and independently. It helps healthy people stay healthy, and it helps people with chronic conditions live longer independently within their own social circle, job, and at home, wherever that would be. Think of people with chronic diseases such as heart or pulmonary conditions, Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia, or individuals with a high risk of falling.

Technology is part of the solution but you are crucial to its success. It's all about your willingness and ability to let these new technologies into your life and live with them. Only then can they help you live more actively and healthier at home without having to be hospitalized or to travel back and forth to your doctor.

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