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HIMSS Europe Webinar: Use of Real-Life EHR Data for Clinical Research and Personalized Medicine

HIMSS Europe27 November 2012, 15:00 CET.
Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems provide a rich repository of medical knowledge that is largely untapped in clinical research. These vast data stores have the potential to improve patient recruitment, conduct feasibility studies, refine inclusion/exclusion criteria, enhance safety data and, in general, to inform clinical research. Key challenges in mining EHR revolve around a few key issues, including data privacy and security, and the wide variety of data structures, both standard and non-standard, which can create inconsistencies. There are now many tools being developed and important industry initiatives are under way. Dr. Kraenzlein will review the most important initiatives and will also present success stories demonstrating the value of EHR data in clinical research.

Dr. Joerg Kraenzlein
Director Clinical Research, CSC

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This webinar lasts at least 60 minutes and includes a Q & A session with the presenter. Each registration includes one web connection per registrant.

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