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SPHERAhospital Guarantees Clinical Safety for the Patients

SPHERAhospital has implemented the real time management of the patients' activities in the area of surgery in the Hospital Centro de Recuperación y Rehabilitación de Levante (CRRL). The implementation of the project provides an infrastructure for locating, identifying and tracking of patients using the technology SPHERAone, a Real Time Location System (RTLS), that doesn't interfere with other wireless technologies installed in the hospital.

"By using the active bracelets our patients are being identified accurately in real time. This helps to avoid possible identification mistakes during the consultancy of the patient's medical history and the assistance in surgery processes. At the same time you have access to the tracking and control of time ensuring the clinical security automatically," commented D. Rafael Arce, director of CRRL.

Various studies have shown the importance of optimizing the resource management. With the system implemented in the hospital the localization of patients is guaranteed. Furthermore it fulfills the mission statement of the World Alliance for Patients' Security "Please do me no harm", launched by the WHO, by providing the perfect and faultless localization and identification of the patients in every moment of time and in any place of the hospital.

"The implemented system based on RFID and real time location (RTLS) could be integrated in our Hospital Information System (HIS) and the electronic health record, facilitating the access to all the information automatically in real time. This is fundamental for the accomplishment of our every-day tasks," affirmed D. Federico Beltrán Carbonell, Information System Coordinator of CRRL. SPHERAhospital allows an automatic identification of the patient by entering the area of surgery, providing not only firsthand identification and context data but also the position of every patient in any given moment of time. Due to the automated tracking it is possible to follow the paths of every patient and establish statistics about this and to register the entrance and exit times. The system has been installed in transfer area, operating room and the anesthetic recovery room.

About the Hospital Centro de Recuperación y Rehabilitación de Levante (CRRL)
The Hospital CRRL offers a high quality assistance developing the patient care to the maximum. This Centre has become one of the reference hospitals in the field of radio diagnostic in the region of Valencia, also thanks to the 2 years experience in working with top athletes in the diagnostic of injuries. The hospital was invited by the University of Cambridge to present its integrated management project of the supply chain and of critical events by radiofrequency (RFID). It is the only hospital invited worldwide.

About SPHERAhospital
SPHERAhospital is a real time location system (RTLS) that provides secure identification, location and tracking of patients and assets in real time. SPHERAhospital guarantees the clinical safety of patients, optimizes daily work and facilitates the efficient workflow management.

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